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Bookmark that Affiliate Link!

By on April 13, 2013


I’m bringing this up again as a reminder, and also to share my method for FINALLY never missing another chance to help out a fellow blogger by using their affiliate link. Even after joining with Lauren at HoboMama and making a big to-do before the holidays and making lots of cute buttons and a nice linky list of links… I kept forgetting to actually go through someone’s link to shop at Amazon.

Maybe it’s because it isn’t fun to have to go find that linky list every time or maybe it just impedes my shopping impulse and God forbid I might think better of it!

From that original post: …by simply going to Amazon through a link on another blogger’s page, anything you end up buying at that time will go toward their affiliate rewards. And it won’t have changed you prices or shopping experience in any way!!  Please note that the most important time to use one of these links is just before you check out. If you click through and fill a shopping cart, but don’t get back to it for over 24 hours, the credit will be lost. So think in terms of linking as part of the Checkout process.

So my solution was to change the address in my permanent bookmark in my toolbar to someone’s affiliate link. Ta da! Didn’t ever have to think about it again. For me, it’s the only way. Added bonus that you don’t need to think about making sure to use a link during checkout, etc… (as stated above), because it’s just automatic.

And now, in a very poor imitation of a tutorial, I will attempt to show you how I do it in Chrome. I wanted to be as great at this as Lauren is, and maybe show you how to do it for all the main browsers.. but alas, I am not good at that. I think it’s similar in all. I know it is in Firefox.

You can also use an add-on toolbar. Just google “bookmark toolbar” and whatever browser you have. And if anyone actually wants help with this, I will help you set it up. Just let me know. I really think it’s worth it. I had chosen just one link for my experiment and recently checked with the particular affiliate/blogger friend. She said that she did notice more activity.. So, let’s say it makes a difference. Heck it all adds up, right?

link1First you go to Amazon through someone’s link. You can find them here on my site, and here at HoboMama. Next, you select the Bookmark menu and select “Bookmark this page”

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 8.36.32 PMwhich brings you to this little box. I shorten the “name:” to simply “Amazon” to save room in my toolbar. You also want to make sure that the “Folder:” says Bookmarks Bar

links2I just added two more Amazon page links in my bar. They each are a different person’s affiliate link. I decided I don’t need to know which is which, but you could always name them so that you’d know. I do use Amazon quite a lot. My plan is to switch them out periodically and really spread the love. But at least this way, even if I don’t get around to that, I’m still doing something good for someone when I shop.

And that is my clunky tutorial and this is my plea… don’t waste those Amazon dollars you spend. Our linky is still active and if you have your own affiliate account, please feel free to link up. I know I still go there and use it. Hopefully other people do too.

Here’s my Amazon affiliate link…. for your bookmarking pleasure. Just click here and then bookmark.

I also really encourage anyone interested in learning more about affiliate links and how to use them, to visit Lauren’s writer blog, here for her post, “9 tips for affiliate earning success“. It’s incredible.


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