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Poetry Week One – “Prepare”

By on April 5, 2013

I am not a poet. I have no idea *how* to write poetry. So, what could be more fun than diving into writing a poem a day in April. Maybe my lack of actual knowledge and technique will free me to enjoy and not get bogged down in whether it’s “right”. It’s already an exercise in letting go because there’s just no time to educate myself or try to revise and revise until they feel tight and perhaps good.

Now aren’t you excited to read!

Actually this may be great for me as a writer in general. I have no skill at letting go and just writing. For all that Em has schooled me at loosening up in most other art forms from painting to dance… writing is still all mine to deal with.

Lauren, at HoboMama and LaurenWayne, author, has created this lovely workshop and is making it all feel so safe and inspiring. We can write just one poem a week or get *real* with it and go for one a day. But even then she didn’t leave me hanging. She has daily prompts as well as weekly ones and it gave me just enough of a handhold to make a start.

Turns out that with poetry as opposed to any other kind of writing, I still need pen and paper and that in itself is heavenly. Maybe I can start using all the gorgeous journals I’ve collected.

I’ll share the daily prompt and then my “result”. I can’t bring myself to call any of these poems…

April 1: Fertile: Write a poem about fecundity, cycles, or conception.

ultra-sound image
in the trash

fucking doctor

go home
and bleed
she told me

go home and bleed

no heart beat
no hope

you’ll bleed
you’ll bleed

April 2: Waiting: Waiting to conceive, waiting after a loss, waiting for milestones, waiting for the birth … write a poem about those in-limbo moments on the journey.

knowing you
wanting you
asking you to wait

the time must be right
please not yet

we promise
we’ll open the door
and invite you through

please say you’ll come
please wait for us

April 3: Body: Write a poem celebrating — or bemoaning — the physicality of pregnancy. Muse on the beautiful shape or the discouraging aches and pains.

to finally exhale
release my belly

legitimately round
not fat

a goddess

April 4: Nesting: Consider those days of collecting baby things, shaking out hand-me-downs, and cleaning a space for the new life.

Sanitize it!

She’s coming
we’re cleaning

what’s that? vinyl?! It’s out.

Regular air? Are you insane?
You must sanitize it!!!

April 5: Taking care: How do you pamper yourself or your growing baby?

he told me
time and again
do what you want
ask for the world

send me on errands
a mission for treats
have a rest, watch a movie
i’ll rub your feet

this time is your time

the last time
it’s all about you.

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  1. Stephen
    April 5, 2013

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    I love these! Regular air. Ha. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Lauren @ Hobo Mama
    April 6, 2013

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    Ah, another ringer! I love you people who protest, “I’m not a poet,” and then out flows all this breathtaking imagery! :)

    First of all, your nesting poem cracked me up. “Regular air”! Ha ha ha!

    “Go home and bleed” is so raw, and so real. And, also: What is wrong with some people?!

    “to finally exhale
    release my belly”
    I thought maybe I was the only one! It truly was during pregnancy that I stopped clenching stomach muscles in that I realized I’d been doing for years.

    Your pampering poem is a love poem, truly beautiful.

    I love the process of writing poems on paper and in journals. I have so many journals with poetry throughout the pages, and random scraps of paper here and there that I try to collect and then type up. I should try pen to paper again.

    Thank you for sharing! You silly poet, you.

  3. Julia
    April 6, 2013

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    That first poem. Ugh. I know that story all too well. :( Oh and the sweetness of the last poem. Definitely a love poem. :)

  4. Karen at MomAgain@40
    April 7, 2013

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    Great poems! You are a poet :-)

  5. Edward
    April 26, 2013

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    Awesome poems. Your very talented

    • treepeters
      May 1, 2013

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      thank you so much! It really makes my day to get feedback … especially such as this.

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