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Poetry, week three: Hope

By on April 21, 2013


Milestones: Celebrate your baby’s development or a turning point that struck you with wonder.

Wise enough to know
that each new marvel
no matter how incredible
would be lost
swept aside
by the next
amazing feat

we captured
not all

they came so fast
and each new phase

just her
in all her brilliance

hard to imagine
our child of that moment
would soon
bloom again
into yet another
and miraculous

Arms: Write a poem about holding or carrying your baby.

her legs still pulled up
to her belly
so small
tucked in beside me
my body, my arm
form the bumper
of her baby bed
our bed
our family bed

her face
in mine
I breathe her breath
her sighs
her funny little sleep laughter

always amazed
at what I would have missed
what I would not have
gotten to soothe

I never knew all the turns
a baby could travel
in her sleep.

Often peaceful
(joy for me)

at times
so sad or mad

my honor
to pull her closer
in my arms
to lay my hand
on her small back
and tell her
right when she needed it
“it’s okay.
you’re safe.
I’m here.
I’ve got you.”

Pottytunity: As parents, we all have to deal with what comes out that end. Celebrate cloth diapers, expound about EC, moan over potty learning, or wax eloquent on poop.

with a will
and a focus
to rival
warriors of myth
she faced each battle

by reason
or plea
her mother’s tears

she shed her own
no less fierce
for their salty flow

her body twisting
and thrashing

she screams out
from the depth of her soul





and you can’t make me

Dreams: What do you hope for as a parent?

having lived
my life
in dreams
never made manifest

I will teach
my daughter

to wake

and bring her passions
into the light

I will ask her
perhaps not the content
of her dreams
(for that may be
too sacred
at first to share)

but what tools
do you need
my daughter?
anything you need
to build
the life you wish
for yourself

we will do anything
in our power
to help you
live your dreams

that is our dream
for you

Minivan: What in your lifestyle has changed since becoming a parent? What have you gained or given up?

it’s hard for a hermit
to parent well

and while anxiety
and fear
got me out of parties
and dating and adventure,
family events, even jobs

my anxiety, it seems
is not sufficient
to let myself fail
to share with my child
the wonders of this world
(often found outside)

So, look at me
making friends
and having adventures

how kind of my girl
to teach me
how to live.

Village: Consider the outside caregivers in your child’s life, or the lack thereof.

No One is going to take care of my baby
but me!”
said the new mommy
all hopped up on love
and feeling invincible
and cocky
for having just brought forth life
from her body.

some part of her
that it happens every day
a common thing

but that is
in the face of her power
and her own miracle
one girl child

months pass
and soon
the face of power
becomes one of gratitude
near tears of relief
that grandmommy
waited patiently
for the call to come

and then she came


Identity: Who are you now that you’re a parent? How do you introduce yourself at parties? How do you define yourself in your own head?

6 years old:
“when I grow up I’m going to be a mommy”
at 8
“a teacher and a mommy.”
“an actress and a mommy.”
“a doctor and a mommy”
“a writer. I’m a writer.
oh yes, I will be a mommy someday.
it’s not too late.”
“you have one year
and if we’re not doing this,
I have to move on.
I’m going to be a mommy.
tick tock.”
“a mommy, a mommy,
I’m a mommy.

a mom, of course
and well,
…a girl

I’m a girl
a woman
a goddess
and I’ll do lots more things
before I’m done.”

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  1. Julia
    April 21, 2013

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    WOW! I can’t even narrow it down to one favorite. They are all so good. I had such a tough time with mine this week but yours are all lovely. The bedsharing one…I so feel the same. I often have thought of all I would have missed had we not bedshared. And I love the way you talk of making sure your daughter has the tools she needs to be herself. And the Milestones one…so perfect! I just love them all!

    • treepeters
      April 22, 2013

      Leave a Reply

      Julia, you made my day! This has been a challenge for sure, but I’ve gotten so much out of it and found a new way to express some of these elusive things.
      I appreciate sharing the experience with you and all the support you’ve shown me.
      thank you!

  2. Stephen
    April 21, 2013

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    I love these too. Love them. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this and getting so much out of it. She is going to love these one day.

  3. Karen at MomAgain@40
    April 22, 2013

    Leave a Reply

    Beautiful! All of it! We can relate!!

    • treepeters
      April 22, 2013

      Leave a Reply

      thank you so much. It’s been so nice having your comment and support during this fun (but scary) process of sharing poetry.

  4. Lauren @ Hobo Mama
    April 22, 2013

    Leave a Reply

    Your poetry brings me so much joy! I feel those shivers of “yes!” and then in the next moment am broken into laughter. Love love love.

    Milestones: As Alrik starts speaking in mini-sentences, I fear we didn’t adequately capture the earlier babblings. It goes by so fast, but each stage is so fun.

    Arms: Favorite cosleeping poem ever.
    “I never knew all the turns
    a baby could travel
    in her sleep.”
    Love that imagery.

    Pottytunity: Thanks GOODNESS we’re not the only one with a poop avoider. :) I need to read this poem to Mikko.

    Dreams: “I will ask her
    perhaps not the content
    of her dreams
    (for that may be
    too sacred
    at first to share)”
    Just loved this portion. And the rest of it. :)

    Minivan: ME, TOO!!

    Village: Hee. Yep.
    I think of this a lot, too:
    “some part of her
    that it happens every day
    a common thing

    but that is
    in the face of her power
    and her own miracle
    one girl child

    So pedestrian when other people do it, so transcendant when it’s you.

    Identity: It just keeps going, doesn’t it? I was going to be a cowgirl. Or a stewardess.

    • treepeters
      April 22, 2013

      Leave a Reply

      Your comments here mean so much to me. I appreciate the time you take more than I can say. And I’m trying to be a better poetry support/commenter in your vein…
      Thank you!

  5. kelly @kellynaturally
    April 23, 2013

    Leave a Reply

    I SO enjoyed reading through your poems this week! Each one resonated in some way – in flow, choice of words, or, just nodding my head along enthusiastically – someone else experienced this! :)

    My favorite parts:
    “the bumper
    of her baby bed
    our bed
    our family bed”

    We too had a family bed for both of our babies/toddlers… and it seems so distant now; I’m grateful to be reminded of the preciousness of that time. And how quickly it passes.

    And then also this:

    “but what tools
    do you need
    my daughter?”

    It seems we were on a similar page here, with our hope for our children… this longing and GIVING of ourselves to our children – that is the very essence of parenting!

    And finally, that you closed village with “grandmommy”. <3

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